The list of trails below provide a brief description which is linked to a detailed leaflet which provides a more detailed map with guidance together with places of historical interest along the walk. The leaflets can be downloaded for ease of use, enjoy.

    , an overview of the walks

      Denby Dale to Shepley Trail, an easy 4 mile walk from Denby Dale station to Shepley station. Walk passes through Upper Cumberworth.

     Denby Dale Village Trail, a scenic 5 mile walk around the village of Denby Dale. Allow 2 to 3 hours for a leisurely walk. 

      Denby Dale Round Walk, a 11 mile walk around the Denby Dale district.

      Denby and Cumberworth Circular Trail, this trail is 7 miles long.

      Pen-Den Trail, a 5 to 6 mile walk linking Penistone and Denby Dale railway stations. Goes through the village of Ingbirchworth.

      Emley Circular Trail, approximately 6 miles long, though shorter alternatives are available.

      Emley Village Trail, approximately 3 miles long. Allow a couple of hours for a leisurely stroll.

    Emley Boundary Way, a 14 mile walk around Emley and its surrounding countryside.

    Clayton West Circular Walk, a 6 mile walk round and about Clayton West, taking in a Green, a Shrogg and a Mine.

      Clayton West Village Trail, allow a couple of hours for a leisurely 3 mile stroll around the scenic village of Clayton West.

    Skelmanthorpe Circular Trail, a 10-mile walk introducing you to stretches of the Dearne Way, the Kirklees Way and the Kirklees Light Railway.

    Skelmanthorpe Village Trail, a Scenic 3 mile walk around the historic village of Skelmanthorpe.

    Oxley Trail, a fun day out exploring the beautiful countryside in and around the Skelmanthorpe and Deffer Wood area.

    Plain Country Friends, a choice of three short walks, either ¾ mile, 1½ miles or 3 miles in length, best explored at a gentle stroll, linking the historic High Flatts 'Quaker Village' and Upper Denby.

    Ruins &  Rebuilds, a pleasant and very scenic circular walk from Dunkirk Inn, Lower Denby, visiting Gunthwaite area with the option of taking in the famous barn at Gunthwaite Hall.

    Over the Border, NEW, a 10 mile scenic walk from Clayton West over the border into South Yorkshire and back. The views are stunning with no end of interesting sites to see and lots of amenities. Give yourself a full day to enjoy the many sites  this walk has to offer.